5 things to do when you are new to UAE

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UAE has become one of the expat hotspots attracting people across the globe.  There are numerous things to do for all you first time visitors in UAE.

1. Understand the law

Every individual who’s new to UAE must learn about the laws and formalities to be followed stringently. Understanding laws and regulations in a place like UAE is very important as breaking them can endure no excuse.

2. Job hunting

In case one is planning to relocate to UAE, the first and foremost thing to be done is secure your job. To begin with, one should plan a job search and then start researching the market conditions to know the status of, and vacancies in companies.

3. Home is where the heart is

Then comes the next step that is looking out for an area to live, which is in close proximity to your workplace as well as safe and secure. If these are not chosen wisely, the many benefits of living in UAE along with a successful career is sure to be overshadowed.

4. Ideal place to unwind

Monte Carlo Beach Club is one of UAE’s best beach clubs to visit. It is an ideal place to spend the day. Apart from that, Corniche promenade is another incredible waterfront area in Abu Dhabi. These are perfect spots for those who love evening walks and enjoy a peaceful moment. Apart from this, one can also visit places like the Jumeirah Archaeological Site, have an adventure or two by visiting mountains in Fujairah, go to Wild Wadi Water Park and so much more.

5. The best of UAE

Two of the most famous places of UAE are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Of course there are limitless opportunities to be explored, be it for fun and adventure or work related. Dubai, as you must be aware, is a shopaholic’s paradise (Dubai Mall), an adventurous ride for the daredevils (Desert Safari), or if you simply admire the architectural marvels that surrounds you-Burj Khalifa and the likes. And mind you, Abu Dhabi is no less either. It is the ideal place if you wish to soak in the sun, go on long relentless rides or just simply unwind. Some of the many places to visit and experience are the Dubai fountains at the Dubai Mall, the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi or even the ultra extraordinary Atlantis Hotel.

UAE is a fun place for families and friends and there is aplenty to experience. It’s an amazing and beautiful destination with numerous opportunities for work, different cultures, and of course scrumptious foods that will make you visit the place more than once. You cannot get over all these incredible memories easily, as UAE takes grandeur to the next level.

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